Here’s what some adventurers had to say about Random Encounters…

Edo Review

  • “I think this is a fantastic game to play with the family… It’s like Dragon Warrior… like playing an old Super Nintendo game or NES game.” ~Edo’s Game Previews



  • “The number one keyword… that comes to mind when talking about Random Encounters is ‘variety’. There is so much stuff in just the core game.” ~Board Game Brawl

  • “Random Encounters lives up to its name by providing a fun and unique RPG experience each time you play.” ~Board Game Quest


indie tabletop

  • “This game helps get those you’d love to play included in the fun, without the overwhelming bookshelves worth of information they’d need.” ~Indie Tabletop



  • “It is simple enough to appeal to non-gamers, and as such might serve as a nice gateway game to more complex fantasy games for your group. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, so there is sure to be a lot of laughter at the table while you play.” ~GeekDad